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Nitrile Rubber Pipe Insulation

Flexible closed cell elestometric pipe insulation is an environmentally friendly CFC free, flexible thermal insualtion. Available in tube, coil and sheet form; used on copper HVAC refrigertion and plumbing lines. Tubes available in 2m lengths and coils in 15m lengths.

Phenolic (Rigid) Pipe Insulation

High performance rigid phenolic thermal pipe insulation used primarily for the lagging of chilled, cold, hot and heating pipe work.

Fire and smoke safe tested to EN13501-1. Tubes available in 1m length, with aluminium foil vapour barrier as standard.

PVC Ducting & Fittings

Comprehensive range of flat and round PVC ducting with fittings available. Round ducting range available from 100mm (4") to 150mm (6"). Connectors, bends, Tees, Pipe Clips available for the full range of products.

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